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About United International Schools (UIS)

United International Schools (UIS) is a Maltese Higher Education Institution (HEI) that has been established to address the needs of a new generation of learners: learners from an increasingly diverse community; learners who want to study and work or who have to work to study or who are in caring dependent relationships which require more flexible modes of study than campus-based learning; learners of the digital generation who are not only savvy with technology but enjoy the digital environment.

To meet these needs, UIS offers flexible programmes which will enable learners to upgrade their education and graduates to enhance their employability and/or career development. The programmes have been modelled on best digital practice and have been offered through international learning platforms.

UIS created out of a partnership of two long-standing higher education providers who have been offering online education programmes for over 20 years.

UIS is a Higher Education Institution accredited by Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) under the licence number 2023-010.


Vision, Mission & Values


Our vision is to excel as a premier Maltese Higher Education Institution (HEI) specialising in Business and Creative Arts. United International Schools (UIS) prioritises students, offering technology-driven, academically robust online programmes. We aim to create an inclusive learning environment, integrating advanced technology and practical experiences to prepare students for real-world success.

UIS is committed to nurturing future leaders, innovators, and creative thinkers, equipping them for impactful careers.


To promote learning for life that employs the technologies of the digital age blended with the rigours of academic enquiry and practice-based learning by:

  • developing and delivering educational programmes at diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional levels that strengthen the employability of graduates and/or their career opportunities.
  • offering programmes that don’t depend on the location of study but ensure that students are engaged as a community and experience a stimulating learning environment.



To ensure equality of access, the opportunity to benefit from higher education irrespective of the background of learners.


To be a responsible, reliable, and responsive organisation that complies with the highest ethical standards, respects the protection of the environment and its sustainability.


To respect diversity and differences in society shaping its behaviour to reflect the uniqueness of each student, member of staff and stakeholder.